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منتدبات عاشق مصر
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اهلا وسهلا بكم فى منتديات عاشق مصر000 يد بيد نحو المستقبل

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 The Qur'an

اذهب الى الأسفل 
كاتب الموضوعرسالة
عاشق مصر
المدير العام
المدير العام

عدد الرسائل : 823
العمر : 66
الوظيفه :
المزاج :
نشاط العضو :
100 / 100100 / 100

رسائل قصيره : أهلا وسهلا بكم فى منتدانا الوليد شاركونا النجاح
نقاط التميز : 647
السٌّمعَة : 2
نقاط : 50
تاريخ التسجيل : 12/08/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: The Qur'an   الثلاثاء نوفمبر 18, 2008 10:21 pm

What is the Qur’an?
The Qur'an is a record of the exact words revealed by God through the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad. It was memorized by Muhammad and then dictated to his Companions, and written down by scribes, who cross-checked it during his lifetime. Not one word of its 114 chapters, (Surahs), has been changed over the centuries, so that the Qur'an is in every detail the unique and miraculous text which was revealed to Muhammad fourteen centuries ago.

This opening chapter of The Qur'an, the Fatiha, is central in Islamic prayer.
It contains the essence of The Qur'an and is recited during every prayer.

What is the Qur'an about?
The Qur'an, the last revealed Word of God, is the prime source of every Muslim's faith and practice. It deals with all the subjects which concern us as human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, and law, but its basic theme is the relationship between God and His creatures. At the same time it provides guidelines for a just society, proper human conduct and an equitable economic system.


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The Qur'an
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